Sling - J. Karl Bogartte
The once and future thing

There was a moment in History when Surrealism appeared as a part of the Workers Movement. The most aware among us have now long realized that the reverse was actually true.

There was a moment in History when the most aware of us realized that Ecology and the Workers Movement where two aspects of the same problem.

We are not far from the moment when this shall be obvious and clear to everyone

La Belle Inutile - 2011
Visibility is Dangerous - J. Karl Bogartte
Cube 2 - Zazie
Thought and Rational Thinking
Rational Thought does not think. It packages the results of surrealist thinking
Pensée et Pensée Rationnelle
La pensée rationnelle ne pense pas. Elle empaquete les résultats de la pensée surréaliste.
Paranoïa Critique et Réseaux de Neurones.
Réseaux de neurones, Art et visions de Matta
Critical Paranoïa and Neural Networks
Artificial Intelligence,  Art, and Matta's visions
Yasser's Footpath
About wars for imagination
Dreaming Along Yasser's Foothpath
About Yasser Abdelkawy's text, its importance and some of its consequences
The Fractured Time
How religion fractured Time in order to sell it back to us
Le Temps Fracturé
Comment la religion a fracturé le temps pour mieux nous le revendre
For an Anonymous Surrealism
Reasons not to sign your work...
Eloge du Projet
Le projet dans tous ses états
Attente et Langage
La semantique est fille du temps
Leçon de chose
Dans une rêverie hégélienne, la chose n'est pas ce qu'on croit.
La Belle Inutile - 2020